A room is a much better place to live than where you are stuck with an area. Walls can help you to flow, fill you up and create more interest and color. When you have a surprisingly neutral tone and a color palette, it’s easy to infuse that yin and yang of your personality into your living space. With that being said, if you have a yellow chair, for example, isn’t your room? Think about adding some gray too.

If you have a living room that seems a bit too stark white or cream, well then painting your walls in gray is the perfect solution. It keeps you from thinking you’re lost for a decorating corner, isn’t it?

Living room and kitchen

If you have a living room that is too stark in color, then most of your food is likely to make it even, boring and boring with no personality to speak of the matter. Getting your food on track with paint or patterned wallpaper can really bring a room together.

Gray Teal And Yellow Living Room Paint Photo 3

The idea is to add a bold rug, but what can you do? The answer is paint. If you really want to make a statement, then paint the entire wall. But if you can’t paint at all, then you can just add wallpaper first. If you need the room’s worth, than add a pattern or fabric that might just do the trick.

Living room decor + office

Office decor is very much a must to incorporate. If you tend to have to add shelves on the walls, office is all the place for you to show off your writing or producing your writing on your walls. If you need the space for storage, then have a small table on which to work with your computer.

Gray Teal And Yellow Living Room Paint Photo 5

If you need to store your office supplies, have a coffee table on your office set up. Just keep some boxes or stacked baskets where you can dump all your supplies.

Living room with windows

Elegant living room ideas are often the vertical support for huge book collections that you would love to have near your living room. If you have a common wall, then make each and every inch of wall look like a wall. Fill it with your large books and favorite decorations. Just make sure you respect the space’s height and width. If the windows are a common sight, design an entire gallery.

For the ultimate living room, pull elements from outside their original style. You will love the clean and modern lines of this room from the outside. Modern lighting as well as a marvelous floor plan make it work up. And the lighting in this room alone is what made us choose it over others. Overall, this is an incredible room. Creating a luxury space from it is more so that you and your family can enjoy it.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5 and 6}.