Combining bold colors with a sophisticated and simple design can seem overwhelming. But, as a designer, you can easily change all that without too many demands and instructions. Gray is a very unusual color. It’s the color of the sky, the symbol of coldness and lack of character. It’s a warm color but it’s also the color of life and continuity. Most often, it mixes neutrals such as white with black or gray with brown or brown with dark brown to complement its soothing palette.

When combined with other colors, it tends to stand out. But when used in combination with orange, it gets a whole different look. This is a modern living room defined by subtle but elegant contrasts. It has bold orange accent details on the white walls and a red sofa with a black seat cushion. The room is very bright and airy and that’s also because the walls are white.

The cabinet is the orange part that brings light in. The table and the wall cabinet in orange share the same color. The light kind that keeps all the light coming through the windows, the warmest version of light.

Gray Living Room Furniture Sets The Tone For An Eclectic Interior Photo 4

The bedroom is a symphony of colors. Its red and white décor is present in many different shades but the same color is used most of them. There’s no mustard in here. The living room is very simple but it also has a touch of color. The chairs are all black, complemented by red ones. Yet they manage to stand out with the right shades and the color they provide.{found on diyismo}.

Gray Living Room Furniture Sets The Tone For An Eclectic Interior Photo 5