Living rooms usually share a double meaning. They’re both very familiar and cozy and both have a more dynamic image and they often result in little rooms being painted gray or purple, sometimes even their own separate rooms. It’s a well-established divide and it often makes people feel unhappy to be there.

The reason is not the color per se but the atmosphere around the color. The living room is not that cozy and inviting in this case. If the colors were warmer that it’s because the owner wanted to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in there. Now that the walls are mostly painted white this will make the living room seem even cozier, less like a living room and less like a lounge.

Gray And Turquoise Living Room Ideas Photo 2

As for the rest of the colors, they are soft and relaxing and this is why they are also warm and cozy. Even the painting in the bedroom is a combination of cold colors, brown and warm tones of beige and white. The turquoise rug is both elegant and casual and this increases their overall dynamic and chic image over the living room. Even though the walls are not painted and the whole room is a combination of neutral colors, the turquoise rug just makes everything else adorable. Add the colorful chairs and reading corners to make this living room complete.{found on coshowonline}.