The tones of gray and teal don’t exactly go well together, especially in the case of a living room. However, they combine really well and they look great together. This combo can berosso is a very beautiful mix of colors and is known for both bold and soothing finishes. The living room is almost completely gray and this gives it a classical and timeless look. The furniture and decorations are almost all gray pieces.

The accent features are very numerous and they include everything from dark flooring to tones of brown to a very colorful accent wall. The colors are combined in various ways and the result is a casual and very inviting living room. The combination of black and white seems to be a very nice choice. The furniture shares the same colors and finishes as well as the same style.

The colors sued here are also chosen in various shades, a symbol of uniformity andatility. The turquoise accent wall is very beautiful and very chic. The wooden flooring and the matching bedding spread throughout the room create a very cozy and pleasant décor and the light colors emphasize the symmetry and fluidity of the décor. The simplicity of the interior design is quite charming.{found on inha}.