Red is one of the most powerful and surprising colors. It can be easily washed out or combined with other colors but partially used for its purpose. The most common combination is between black and white. The result is always combinations of color and tone. However, red and red living rooms usually have a more classical design than that. Most often, the best thing to do is to use red as the main color.

It’s a strong and vibrant color that can be used to create all sorts of structures. However, red living rooms usually lack character. The walls need to be painted and painted as well. This means you need to add some details. Red walls can be very beautiful but they only become visible in certain tones and situations. They are great for the kitchen as well as for the living room. You can create a traditional décor with red walls.

The best thing to do is not to use all these tones. Red walls can still be the main color but it’s not the same. You can use a more vibrant tone like purple for example that can be a little too much. You can also combine red with other neutrals like grey, orange or green.

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