Living room decoration is simple and neutral yet unique because of the small details.If we take a look at this nice and simple living room we will discover that a combination of two colors can make the rooms very cozy and welcoming. The purple and gray combination is not exactly the most fashionable color when it comes to decorating the house but there are still many other colors that are equally beautiful and fun to experiment. It’s a very good choice for any kind of living room. The modern and contemporary combo is very common but the purple and gray tones can be used to create a very interesting and unusual combo.

The two colors sued for this living room are extremely simple. The décor doesn’t need to look boring. In fact, the colors are toned down a little and have a lot of character. The simplicity of the décor doesn’t exactly make it look chic but it makes it unique.

The interior of this living room is both elegant and casual. The use of very pale colors shades of purple and gray shades is quite uncommon but in this case mostly because of the fact that the room has an open air floor plan inside the living area. The intention in this case is to create an airy and bright décor by using contrasting colors such as white or grey or both. In the case of the walls, this décor is quite simple. All the furniture, including the sofa and armchairs, are white. Wood was used for the floor and ceilings. For the rest of the walls, accent pieces have been created.