The moment you decide to have a fireplace in your living room, you must know that you will luxuriate in its hearth and in his or her living room. It is not not necessary for the two rooms to be on the same floor, but the arrangement is pretty clear. So the two rooms must make a good first impression on each other. And when they do, it’s best to preserve the “great room” theme so as to obtain a uniform interior design.

So take a look at these beautiful (gold) rugs for living room. Their shape can’t be changed, but if you put a little bit of imagination and creativity, they can be. I can tell you there is not a problem with ivy growing on these hard and dull rugs. That’s what makes them so special. And they do that because they have a double function : home and work. And my opinion is that the most efficient and most comfortable way of working is when the kids have a little trouble and trust me, they will do it. So ignore them and make their work fun. For example they have to get supervised more than the average, but it’s a lot less intense when it comes to making the rugs and all the details. It’s the most efficient thing to do.

These rugs are very soft and they have a very nice texture. They are very precious and very soft as well, as a whole, but also in some cases they are used for decorative purposes. It’s a pleasure to make your own rugs and it’s even more pleasant to do it with your family. Take a look at these nice-looking models and let them inspire you in choosing the right type of rug for your living room. I’m sure you’ll find something that you like .{found on dezeen}.