The plush look of bedrooms must be of paramount importance. From the style with which you dress up a bedroom to its layout and the personal touches of your first sleeping quarters, decorating a living room is all about comfort and order. When it comes to decorating, one must keep in mind the colors that bring in the theme in the room, like a couple of chairs in a bold shade, a beautiful sofa in a muted and soft color, a fireplace in a more neutral tone. Gold curtains can instantly bring a more up to date look to your living room!

Today we have a 14 different color combinations that often involve shades of green and purple, but if you are feeling playful, you can go for emerald against burgundy, anything be it tropical or something feminine.

Check out the color wheel and see if you can use that inspiration for your own home decor!{pic picom salad soup.

Gold Curtains For Living Room Photo 4