When decorating the living room there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind, it has to be elegance. So choose the right color combinations in the right area and you’ll get a sophisticated and very stylish living room. Today we’re going to focus on the black and white living room design.It’s a timeless color combination, which has always been beautiful and stylish. Here are some examples of such decors.

Maybe not everyone has this habit of mixing black and white. We recently found this great living room where it was black and white striped. In this case there’s not much in terms of pattern. The only thing that remained was that pattern, so it was removed.

Another way of introducing pattern into the living room is by combining it with color. So in this case white and black beige is mix magic. You can see that the pattern is not very precise or specific to any period of the décor. It could also be considered neutral because it’s a combination that works well throughout most modern and contemporary interiors, as well as in spaces such as the children’s room, the bedrooms and even the chic home office. The pop of color is very useful when you want to add something quirky to your white walls.

Gold And White Living Room Design Photo 3

In a room where black is one of the main colors and shades are not always very striking, a black accent wall is usually preferred. If you want to add character to the room through new and unique colored wall art, try to use black and white wall art. For a more dramatic effect, create wall art with a black and white pattern.

If you want to create a romantic and artistic atmosphere in your living room, an option is to create a space theme. Then you can also use bold accent colors. For example, you can have a black wall with golden details or with floral patterns. You can also add some white to tone down the black walls. Another color that is not very dramatic is white.

There’s also a stronger contrast between white and black. Although they are basically black, the color can also be a third color, more vibrant and eye-catching. And the three most eye-catching colors are pink, yellow and blue. So the theme you choose for the décor of a room can be anything and the theme of the walls and the décor is not limited to these two colors only. But, of course, you can also choose a contrasting combination, with something even bolder color, black and white, to go with them all.

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