The first thing that anyone would notice about this living room is the fact that it has a very simple décor. With a pale color palette, not one detail has been ignored. The patterned rugs and the cozy pillows make the décor seem to be very well chosen and tasteful. It’s very hard to analyze this room without knowing what to look at first. This living room is part of a resort so the patterns chosen for the furniture are also visible in that space.

The living room has been decorated with elegant and not at all traditional pieces of furniture. Still, it’s a very pleasant and relaxing space decorated with style. The overall colors chosen for this room are soft, pastels and with a very beautiful and classical look. The damask chair is particularly beautiful. The pastels and the combination of pastels and neutral tones always create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. The sitting area, the fireplace and the decorative pillows are all great details. It’s a very lovely living room. It’s also a modern space that would beautifully integrate in a traditional or even modern home. The result is a very pleasant combination of styles.