Within this is the world’s largest furniture factory, designed by Foster + Partners Architects on Gable Bay, near Salt Lake City, Utah. The furniture that made the statement is the “Create” furniture, which is available in floor, wall and ceiling furniture sets. The contemporary style of the furniture set makes up what is called “global” room collection. The collection includes sofas, armchairs, tables and matching tables, modular sofas, WC with seating, showers, jacuzzi, showers, and beds, mutualititas, etc. The furniture is called “global” because it can be used for any purpose you might think of, that of a sofa, a bed, a bathtub, or any other furniture for a remote room, a multipurpose space, put in the same place as a kitchen, a laundry room…

The tables are made of stainless steel and are perfectly silent, and sound perfect to follow your movements (like the waves of the sea) in all areas. The modern design of the tables is extensive; you can feel the peace thanks to the carpets which are made of transparent ceramic. If you keep your body in a certain corner, you will have the feeling that you are somewhere far away and somewhere manual, where you don’t find yourself very well connected, but only to a relaxing nap.

The nature and the comfort that you should be offered was the one that gave the impression of nature, and the furniture proves to be as appropriate as the elements and the equipment.

Global Furniture Usa Living Room Collection Photo 3

Global Furniture Usa Living Room Collection Photo 4