Exuding class and charm, the Glass Top table by Martin Acevedo is entirely made of glass. Its top is made of clear or transparent glass and has the possibility to change the beauty and elegance of the design. This glass table makes a sophisticated and luxurious living room that focuses on form and detail in a very stylish manner. The base of the table extends on one side to create the circular top and an integrated glass top for an unfolding area. Also, the visual effect created is very delicate and very delicate because the glass top is transparent, but also to allow the side table to be curved and to offer more flexibility to the user.

The glass top is not the only option. The Living Cube shows that living room can be more complex if you look at this material in a modern or even a contemporary context. The table is made of clear glass and has a minimalist design that helps it nicely integrate into a variety of different decors. It can be used in the dining room, in the kitchen where it can also serve as an eye-catching vase or as a perfect choice for the staircases and entryways. The table’s simple design emphasizes the coziness that makes it highly versatile. It can be used in the dining area, living room or for the home office.Available for 320$.

The Living Cube is an ingenious and beautiful object that ingeniously combines with mirrors to make the most of its function and space.