The first thing you notice when stepping inside the living room is the presence of a tall and solid coffee table. It’s the perfect piece for the living room and it’s also a piece of furniture that provides extra storage space for books, décor accessories and all sorts of other things. The Pros and Cons of This Style.

The coffee table is usually very simple, with square or rectangular legs and a simple construction. However, sometimes this missing piece can be more than a piece. It’s why glass coffee tables are so spectacular. They give the room a very sophisticated and elegant look and they’re particularly beautiful because of their durability. They are a must-have in any living room and they can be just what you need when you feel the need for extra storage without having to go through too much space.

A similar example would be to use a living room with pull-out tables as a way of saving space. If you place them in a corner, they’ll be perfect for cozy nooks and you can fill the space with shelves, bookcases and everything else. But if you don’t want to invest in more furniture than bookshelves, then a simple coffee table can be made a part of the décor.

There’s also the option of making the coffee table apart from the rest of the furniture. It can be an accent feature in a minimalist living room, a minimalist coffee table can fit nicely in a double-height hallway and, of course, it can also serve as a nightstand. There are numerous options to choose from and lots of ways in which you can customize your new coffee table. Here’s our favorite one: a round top table made of clear glass or black.

But if a glass top is more your style, you can give up this detail and get a glass coffee table that looks like this. This one is a part of the same infinity concept. That allows it to be multifunctional and to also eliminate the need of a large counter. Round coffee tables are also a great idea.

And speaking of the latest design, here’s another one. This one is made of acrylic, has a sleek metal frame and has a marble top. It’s simple, not meant to be complicated and it also looks interesting, elegant and classy. The design is very versatile.

For even more modern and chic coffee tables, try the Lariana Table. it’s made of clear glass which allows it to maintain a very simple, minimalist and transparent design while also becoming a beautiful part of the room’s décor. It’s made of smoked tempered reveals which come in numerous colors and patterns and it features a simple and versatile shape that allows it to fit perfectly around the coffee table.