I’ve always loved simple things that are functional and look good as they are. I especially enjoy DIY projects that require very little but love their beauty. This glass showcase living room is one of those items. It’s actually quite simple but it has a very beautiful and very stylish appeal.

The living room is a semi covered space that is used for the entertainment unit. Basically, it sits on the floor and has sliding glass doors that lead to many drawers above that. There are also drawers used for purely decorative purposes, like the pendant lamp in this case. The table inlay is from the same collection as the display area.

The fireplace mantel is from Elementados a lot of the time and is often ignored because we don’t see it as a very well-organized space. The fireplace is very interesting in this case. It’s made from the same material as the flooring and base. The color palette used in this case is very warm and calm and makes the décor seem casual and elegant. It’s a great idea to use similar materials and finishes throughout the room in order to make the transition between the areas seamless.