Living room is the core living room in the house. It’s both sophisticated and delicate , the feeling of the overall decor should inspire you passion. To achieve such a design you need to know how to decorate the living room properly. Glass shelving is particularly useful in living rooms where the overall look is either too plain or too complicated.

You might find it difficult to focus on that when choosing the furniture. For example, maybe thinking of something else than the living room is not enough. The living room is the main source of inspiration and you also need to take into consideration the colors used there. The color palette should be chosen carefully. For a successful end, you should only include one or two items, or decorations. A beautiful bookcase can help you in this sense. So here are some ideas of how you can decorate a living room without using glass.

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For a soft and elegant look, you can opt for a simple glass vase, like this one. It will only stand out with its color. The key when using this type of display is not to exaggerate. Also, be careful not to exaggerate. Most often, glass walls will only look beautiful when arranged in a nice balance of colors. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use some other sophisticated colors to create something similar. It’s all up to you.

A beautiful way of personalizing a living room, that will make it more welcoming and equally comfortable without strict rules is to complement the walls with some nice furniture. Choose a colorful sofa or a color inspired armchair. A nice way of personalizing a cold and neutral living room is by choosing colorful curtains and furniture that hives a chic color.

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As for the decorations and accessories, well you don’t necessarily have to start with the TV. A beautiful coffee table can be equally beautiful but unexpectedly it can look overwhelming if there’s too much color on them. You can try using a console table or a smaller desk. A shelving unit can also be a nice idea. Another way of introducing color into a room is through the walls. You can create a gallery wall. As long as the frame and the colors are not bright, the items don’t matter as much and they can stand out even through color. It will also serve as a source of color for the room.

As for the furniture itself, there are numerous options to choose from. You can choose from organic-looking pieces or, if you prefer something a little more dynamic, you can choose leather-like pieces and bold patterns. If you prefer the latter option you’ll have to come up with a color scheme for your living room.

Other elements you can use when decorating the living room are colorful sofas and armchairs. Those made of up furniture are usually a nice way of introducing color, so use them in combination with bold patterns for the area rug and a beautiful area rug featuring two tones and which can be displayed on colorful colored cushions.

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