In order to obtain a functional design you have to be more careful about the completeness of your furniture and also about the colors available. It is not the painting you should choose, but the room where you will deposit all the objects belonging to your family, too. Here are some ideas of how you can obtain the appropriate combination of modern pieces and functional shelves.

It refers to the shelves which were used for the storage of all the small objects. We are not talking about actual shelves, but about the shelves around each empty room. It is very useful to have some ideas of how you can arrange the objects stored there so that they can be efficient and you can arrange them in a pleasant way. Once you have these, you will think of all the facilities that can be arranged in your living room and you will try to rearrange everything so that you can escape from the routine of daily life. A great shelving system needs to be in high light and the arrangements you have in the walls and shelves need to be in black and white tones so that they can reflect the originality and warmness of the atmosphere.

The other aspects that need to be done are: the place where you can put all the things, like the sofa, the coffee table, etc. and the times you are watching TV or playing with your friends. Once all these things are arranged and you get to realize that your house and everything in it need to be appropriate and having the same style.{found on homebunch}

Glass Shelves For Living Room Photo 3