A living room is a large space and its interior design needs to be carefully chosen. Decorating it can often seem difficult because it’s not that simple to create a decor that suites a large space. We managed to approximate that by choosing some classical and simple designs that, in the same time, complement each other. This living room for example is a very beautifully balanced space.

It features a modern look created using wide glass panels and white furniture combined with other natural materials such as stone and wood. The tapered legs and the architectural design add character to the glass pieces. The color contrast is quite strong. The key to creating a classical and sophisticated look was to use the colors sued throughout. Notice the finishes and the simplicity specific to the style.

The living room is usually perceived as a smaller room and it’s not actually the space you want to block access to the main dining area for that. It can be a nice accent wall. In this case, however, it was creatively used for creating a stylish wall shelving system. As you can see, by using simple, straight lines and by not including anything in the design, this accent wall becomes a part of the whole wall.

Glass Living Room Tables Sets New Standards For Design Photo 4

The living room also benefits from plenty of natural light. As a result, this airy and spacious living space seems to be very bright and open. It’s because there are no curtains and visual barriers that the space gets this sense of openness and openness without any secondary decorations. This was a very successful makeover of the décor.

Glass Living Room Tables Sets New Standards For Design Photo 6