The key to a stylish and airy living room is versatility. The living room is an open space that usually includes a large sofa or a large area rug and usually a variety of seating options. In the case of a single sitting area the décor should be simple and practical. Here are a few great options.

A clear glass table would be a very good choice in this case because it won’t obstruct your eyes in such a case. The tabletop is a very nice detail and the transparent glass top also allows a modern look to be easily combined and to be simple and minimalist.

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In the case of modern and contemporary living rooms, the options are a little more open. There’s a certain amount of industrial and retro-design features that make a living room a very inviting and comfortable space. It’s why this type of décor is so versatile.

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In a modern living room, the furniture would have to be bare. The walls, ceiling and even the floor should feature smooth and light colors, preferably as bright and dark shades as the ones used in this picture.

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This living room has an intimate a very inviting look. The fireplace makes the space feel warm and very welcoming while the black leather sofa and the potted plants spread a very comforting and casual look throughout.

This living room used to have a traditional but beautiful fireplace. The furniture was missing from the room and this allowed it to be placed in the living room, where it stands out and makes it feel more welcoming and intimate.

The layout of this living room was not exactly perfect. There were too many furniture pieces that couldn’t fit in one space. The perfectly equipped chairs didn’t fit in there so they all got replaced and were replaced by bedside tables which don’t fit. This is the only light blue that area is represented.

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In this case the color palette is a little more restraint. The blue really helps create an airy, bright atmosphere and this is quite impressive. The accent details and decorative pillows really complete the décor and the whole space feels balanced and harmonious.

In this case the white background is quite annoying. We’re talking about the wall and ceiling however. It’s large and white but the tapered legs matching the nailhead trim complete the image we’re describing. The fireplace and the wood-paneled ceiling keep the décor bright and airy and the long and sleek vertical console encourages symmetry.

In a lot of cases, the fireplace is the focal point, the center piece of the room. Here, for example, the fireplace is the main piece but the dining area is not that imposing in size. The space where the sofa is situated is opened to the kitchen and dining area and that’s also because of the fireplace.

This family room looks really cozy and it almost doesn’t feel cold or warm in comparison. The long and narrow floor plan is organized into several zones, each with its own character. The family room, on the other hand, is the focal point of the area but also has a cool and stylish look.

The fireplace is just one of the elements that make this corner a really great space for relaxation, a place where everyone can have some quiet and private time. There’s also a nice view over the tree and its beautiful landscaping around it.

As you can see, the interior design is simple, minimalist even mostly based on wood. The flooring is raw and made of concrete, without any accent furniture pieces and unnecessary decorations. The lighting is very cleverly used throughout.

The main living area is spacious and open. The floor area is sunken and semi-transparent, providing the necessary light needed for reading or watching the sky.