A very elegant combination of materials, the Topa table is a classic choice in the modern living room. It’s a fresh piece of furniture and it’s also a meeting point in modern architecture. Topa offers versatility and functionality in a sleek form. It’s not just stylish but also versatile and versatile in general.

The Topa table is design as usual but it also has an unusual shape. It sits below the large glass table which was designed in collaboration with screen curvator Mariana Kornfield. The inspiration behind the design was the blinds which plays an important role when deciding the shape of the table. In addition, technology makes possible the updated look with great flexibility.

Both the Topa and the Topa series are very versatile. Also they have many positive effects that are impossible to ignore. Another interesting detail is the fact that all the pieces from this series are easy to match and mix with. All materials used in the process are low maintenance and waterproof. Also, each piece is unique and designed to be used, not just as a table.

Glass Living Room Table Sets For Sleek And Modern Living Rooms Photo 4