All furniture is beautiful if you want to add a touch of class to your home, to set the tone for a particular room and to allow beauty to envelop your every move. A living room can be a source of inspiration in terms of “artistic” interior design ideas. It can be considered a pop at a minimalist or modern design, a spectacular design concept. It’s also an inspiring and elegant look for a family home.

There are lots of designs and types of end tables to choose from. Depending on the space available, the style you want to adopt, the form and the image you’re trying to create, you have to take into consideration your personal preferences as well as the standards. Maybe you’ll be lucky to have the kitchen where there’s lots of flexibility given to you.

Modern designs and concepts often associate the furniture with something more functional, in terms of functions and dimensions. A rather unusual stool is just that. The base is made of wood and has a long and narrow shape, being the main support. The materials used in this case are not particularly highly-top or eye-catching. They are thin and elegant, delicate and stylish.

Glass End Tables For Living Room Photo 3

An end table with a simple and practical design will always stand out, no matter how unusual and interesting the rest of the décor is and, in this case, these characteristics seem to have been quite successful in capturing them. A really simple stool can easily turn out to be the star of the room and be complemented by matching armchairs and maybe a beautiful pendant lamp.

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And a stool can successfully be integrated in a modern or contemporary décor, in the form of an eye-catching accessory that combines functionality with style in a really great way. Take this one for example. It’s not exactly a stand-alone accessory but it has a sleek and delicate design and a very inspiring shape.

This stool combines a wooden seat with a series of thin legs, very similar to those reminiscent of high-back chairs. They form a square-shaped base and they are complemented by a contrasting two-tone upholstery. This beautiful upholstered stool also has a three-tiered back cushion available. The small clear glass pouches featured on Etsy are another interesting and useful detail.

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