We know that sofas and beds have always been comfortable and cozy pieces of furniture meant for public spaces and winter getaways, for watching TV and listening to music while staying there. However, this doesn’t mean that a coffee table in the living room has to be uninteresting.

Here are some interesting ideas for a living room based on glass coffee table. Some people though to opt for a simple glass coffee table and others for a shiny one created using transparent acrylic and metal pipes. Actually we’re only talking about the transparent part of the table so the owners of this place are all pretty different from each other. Nevertheless, they have a common idea and they explain everything in the beautiful design of the table.

You can choose a transparent glass coffee table for a much more elegant touch and it can be smaller than this if you remove the storage areas. Also, it can be easily removed and easily replaced. The top can be clear or it can be stained and even spray painted. You can match the table with the rest of your furniture or you can enhance the look of your living room. Either way, it’s a very beautiful choice. And the design is very simple and also stylish. It’s an interesting choice for unconventional and simple spaces. And if these four tables don’t really fit your vision, there are some other designs you might find useful. Just take a look at the pictures and see what words and features you’re looking for.

Glass Coffee Table Living Room Ideas Photo 3

Glass Coffee Table Living Room Ideas Photo 4