Whether you have a tiny kitchen or a large one, you still need a mirror. It’s a very basic piece of furniture and has a mirror as main element. The mirror can then come in handy even after you’ve added more mirrors. The living room is the perfect place to start such a piece. We have the perfect small mirror that will provide you with a practical and space-saving solution.

The SleepyComfromhome mirror is part of the Plicant collection which is a collection of modern furniture pieces with simple and practical designs. They feature a relatively simple but also very beautiful and versatile design. This particular piece is part of the Plicant Collection. The rest of the collections never get boring. So you have to just like how this mirror measures their surfaces so be sure to offer them your opinion.

Glass Cabinet For Living Room – A Practical Solution For Small Kitchens Photo 3

The sober and elegant design is not at all overstated by any means. It combines simplicity, elegance, modernity and comfort in a way that allows you to stay away from opulent elements and materials and instead go with something minimalist and modern. This mirror is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It features a folding frame and a minimalist but very beautiful and appealing design. In order to be able to use it you need a mirror with a comfortable roll of frosted glass. You can adjust the color temperature and you can make two small adjustments every once. Also, you can freehand a simple way to create an interesting design element by using two small squares on the sides and a wood panel behind the mirror.{found on petti}.