When you first have that idea in mind for your home it’s hard to believe you’re doing it for yourself. For a woman it’s not so much more difficult to design the house you want to create. Sometimes it’s a more complicated process, more difficult to approach some projects because the level of detail is not as easy as it seems. Still, there are some key elements for a successful temporary living room remodel.

For example, the first step for the remodeling of a girl’s bedroom was to assess the room. Then everything had to turn from the bedroom to the kitchen so that the owner could move in after a busy day. The second step was to make sure there was plenty of storage for all the clothes and to take into account any extra organization.

Even though the living room presented a lot of storage needs for the living room, some of the furniture pieces were just too heavy for the room. It’s why those pieces of furniture had to be multifunctional.

The biggest concern was the clothes storage for the bedroom. In order to solve that problem, a different solution had to be found. It’s a solution to expand the room. The bed was also the biggest addition. It can be integrated into the living room completely by just adding some additional storage spaces or the same piece is also used for storage or for all sorts of other interesting features.

Those that want to create a more refined atmosphere in the living room can also opt for designer mattresses that incorporate Pullt&K HI-MACS® among other options. Also, for that touch of elegance, other pieces can be included in the project to create a more complex décor. You can use the mirrors and other storage spaces as well as the storage spaces for the TV and other electronic devices.{pictures from mainly}.