I have seen many decorative doors used for the interior design of churches and on the main stream of buildings these days. Now they are decorative doors and they are considered more visible and more precious. Take this beautiful door designed by CaspAS Architects for instance.It is used for the living room where there is an imposing fireplace and the room also has a dining room with chairs and a bar so, y’d y dissected.

The living room has four modern sofas and a dining room with round wooden table. The windows are very large and they let plenty of natural light in.This nice door looks like a puzzle; its base consisting of a white picket fence which is made of metal sheets and its top is a black shiny steel sheet, seemingly floating in space and which will never slide. Well, the designer wasn’t paid enough with this brilliant idea and he has made a nice piece of furniture called Le Parfait which is aMR Espresso cabinet with the glass door open. Its dimensions are 71?t;W x 56?l x 42?h and it is made in Germany. You can purchase it now for $290.

Garage Door In Living Room, Dining Room And Bedroom Photo 3