American furniture designer Tom Dixon transformed an icon of Danish design into a living room collection of american and artistic pieces. There are only three pieces of furniture in the world, all of them have a very modern design. The sofa, armchair, and the coffee table are all very modern and elegant, and the whole set I’m about to show you. When the entire furniture is combined, the large and brim perfectly could have looked like this. Quotty colors like black and gray were used for the upholstery, and the chairs all come with some vintage patterns.

Of course, the tapestry proves it really easy to create any kind of room design with this type of furniture. As the pictures from Homemade Rooms, you can see how some of the furniture pieces from the 1800s were reused and reupholstered and then some new fabrics got added, following the same pattern. The overall look is comfortable and bold, with a bohemian allure. The picture with the sofa is, of course, very bold, and it is tastefully decorated.

Furniture Of America Living Room Set Photo 2

The picture with the coffee table is very elegant, as well as with the three pillows that hang from it. The high-gloss white color is really rich and gives the room a dramatic look. The picture with the sofa was previously hanging above the sink. The table and the rug have the same color but a slightly different color. This makes it elegant and that the picture with the sofa stays on the same. The same colors were also used for the lamps and pendant lights.

Furniture Of America Living Room Set Photo 3