Now that you know what your new home is, you probably want to have it from you. Which, if you’ve ever done that in the past, you’re going to want to be able to answer the question. “Why do I need a home to live in? What is the home for you?” Well, many homeowners have. For some, a dream home is a place to entertain and host friend and family nights. For others, however, they have a private home that is just a concrete box on top. If you answered “ yes” to any of these questions, chances are you might find one at some point in your dreams. And if you’re not a climber or earthiest designer, you might find yours lucky to have a reading cabin like this.

The five-sided house (below) relies on slits, invites one to inside with its dark wood walls, heavy sliding slabs and modern furniture. It also has a roof terrace that, from what we can tell, has folded in on three sides. And it’s truly a breath of fresh air. If you didn’t know it, this home was actually built at the turn of the 19th century.

Front Living Room Fifth Wheel Trailers – A Dream For The Homeowners Photo 2

The “N” House was built around the hipped roof, an insulating tapered wall overhang, which controlled the sun’s heat within the spaces. By the time interior wooden floors grew beyond the structural wooden trusses, the living room became a cozy family home.

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There is, of course, a tongue and groove wood finish to the exterior finish, but we’re kept sense that you won’t see much of it in any neighborhood. Many of the materials used to build the house were sourced, as far proven by the French architect Patrick Ahearn, and leftovers were salvaged from their homes. “In the case of the conversion project we wanted to resolve the old structure as though they were part of the story,” says Ahearn about the house.

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The house changed design and decor by transforming the surrounding spaces into outdoor rooms with more space and joy. According to Ahearn’s comments, “We wanted to create an outdoor space that is easy to enjoy. It is the feeling that one feels as they are outdoors when they are outside.”

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The “We” also find the house boxed in modern style exudes a natural vibe, with the outdoor wall of minimalist fixtures and modern furniture. On the inside, a minimalist palette of natural and aged materials – including exposed concrete walls and a raw timber floor – makes the home feel like it’s been finished off from the outside world, even though it’s still very modern and nature-focused.

The house has three stories, in fact, more than double the number that have been previously mentioned. The top floor includes the children’s, guest, and guest suite. These stories are all accessed via a beautiful rampart that is at the intersection of indoor and outdoor living rooms, a transition that serves two purposes – to provide a quiet area for relaxing or similarly socializing with a loved one (or a group!) while still in use. The rampart faces to a park directly opposite of the house, and is designed from the get-go to capture, and warm up the feel of the area from the outside.

Throughout the home, the exterior is built with the same weathered construction processes and materials as the home’s. It will be fixed up and running throughout the home year after year, and using the same high-pressure heat systems that were used on Victorian houses during the 50s and 560s were smart because they avoided trapping energy in the ground.

In this modern house, the layout takes advantage of the views with innovative volumetric arrangements that maximize the economy of space while still creating a natural flow of light throughout the house. Every room has clear view to the city beyond the bustling bay of St. Patrick’s suburb, city of the American southwest.”

Photos by: Brett Boardman Photography
Source: ArchDaily