A living room is an essential space in our homes. Besides being a place where we spend time with family, the living room is also a place where we read, write and learn new ways of having fun in the morning, with our loved ones, at night. In this article we’re going to focus on home decor accessories that feature the bold.

The first item that we’ll take from your attention here is the DIY globe lamp. It’s a project that will show you how to create one for your home. You can make one for just about anything you might like to use. This one uses a pattern that we like but that you might find too boring. It’s the DIY globe lamp. Now that’s starting to sound interesting so we decided to select Bambi as our second favorite. It’s a hanging lamp made from recycled cardboard pendant lights. It has a refreshing tropical feel and an artistic and yet simple design.

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You might be interested in the crystal pendant lamp featured on Sugarandcloth. It was designed using 6 different types of sea glass. They all had holes in them just like the ones in the original bulb. After getting familiar with them, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove the hole and make a hole for the bulb. Then make a hole cap in the center of the bulb one part solid wire and attach the bulb cap, directly over the hole. Hang it with wire or wire and you’ll get a very interesting lamp.

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The second option could be a lamp cord cover. The supplies for this particular model are: nylon cord, book rings, a light bulb socket05, NectarSoftener, Goplus Essential Oil, dimming finger light, getter clamps, instruction manual, a ceiling LED bulb socket01, a book or newspaper.

The last idea we’re presenting today is another very interesting and very creative one. It’s also a very creative version of the simple pendant lamp. This time the pendant lamp has a series of small slots held by a brass hand wheel. It’s held in place with a thread and the bulbs are attached to the circular strands. It’s a very creative design and it’s also very fun and original. For more information about this product visit Etsy.