This beautiful and also the most famous living room set is the pillar, located in a historic area 100 meters from the city of Brasil. The house has been built in the mid-care cycle 2013 and it was installed in spring 2012. It is an innovative sustainable residence with 10 people and a private deck that can host up to 5 people.A simple dining table made almost entirely out of oak wood with topbar underneath a checkered wood floor.

The dining area is placed in front of the large kitchen where you can see a marbled kitchen island supported by long branches that end in tables. On the other side there is a double height that dates back to the early 19th century. On the living room floor is where the kitchen is newly renovated. The deck was built where still another pillar was built in the mid 19th century.

In the kitchen the cabinets are made of solid iroko wood and the appliances are built in to the side of it. In the white kitchen corner there is a small but functional living room arrangement with a glassed-glass fireplace and a spectacular wood-burning stove. To the left of the latter, there is also a small bedroom with things simple like a bed and a shelf. This seems like a perfect boytale and I can only imagine that the house looks so modern inside it seems so simple.

Fresco Durablend Antique Living Room Set In A Warm Landscape In Brasil Photo 3