Are you in the in the in your home and you are trying to figure out how to decorate the house for Easter? Or even better, why not? It’s such a fun time of year but you have to really care about these details for a long time. Today I’m going to show you how you can turn your living room into the Easter dream home. I like the way the flowers and the eggs match with the chic look your light color will have. Also, the insects match with the new season as well.

The insects have already bloomed, so there’s not much you can do about it, apart from a few flowers. Bring some fresh flowers to your living room and place them near a painting to create a colorful and colorful image. You can choose a few small ones to place in the corner of a wall or wherever you want them. This living room, for example, features some nice geometrical decorations on the walls with the eggs arranged so they look like the line where the flowers are gathered. The geometrics are beautiful and they really bring the whole décor together.

French Word For Living Room’s Curtain Photo 2

If you feel like your living room could use some extra accessories, there’s also another way. This time the trick is to think in perspective. You could have a picture with several pillows on the couch or maybe just a small wooden decoration that you can use to decorate the room. Put it in the corner of a room and decorate it with small decorative items like potted succulents, little toys but maybe a plant. The combination of two elements is not the focal point here but it looks beautiful.

Those that prefer to try a minimalist more approach for their living room, here’s a nice idea: decorate with tiered coffee tables. You could hang a rod or pick a type that better goes with the décor of the room. For a sophisticated touch, use brass pipe brackets and brass hook lamps. Place a potted plant on the top of each table and place a clock on the mechanism.

How about a cozy seating nook for the reading corner? You could make one using a central piece, preferably something that doesn’t stand out too much. Make the cover out of fabric or, even better, paper and attach brass hooks. You can use fabric and wood for the base. Hang the two elements at the same height and place a bookmark on each one.

This is rather a camping house but that’s not the only design that can transform your backyard into a beautiful and inspiring setting. This is a great design idea for a family retreat. Connect it with the house and take it with you wherever you go. Add a desk in the back, a set of shelves and there’s really no reason why you couldn’t take the slide in and around the backyard. You can also raise the bed on a platform.{found on kylehuntterarchitecture}.

Instead of the typical chair, you can get a swings. This also seems like an interesting design idea for a pairs or double pairs. If you plan the adventure to repurpose the chair, then you can definitely come up with other replacement pieces.{found on amorybrown}.

An unusual thing to hang on one of the walls in your house or work space would be a barn hanger. These shelves look a lot like those old barn doors and this just goes to show how much you can use this concept in your favor. If the shelves are not necessary, you could also build a shelving unit out of wood.

At the end of the day, you have to deal with the kids. Of course, it’s a big responsibility but you should also deal with all the implications related to the cleanup and the maintenance of this furniture piece. If it’s an older kid that needs to sleep on the bed anyway, it might be good idea to carry the alarm and then some extra weight on his back.