The whole point of using fresh flowers is to change the atmosphere in the room. But natural flowers can also create wonderful decorative objects so here’s a perfect example: the Flower vase. It’s actually a very simple object, nothing more than a simple vase. Even though there’s nothing special about it, it could still look beautiful in an empty room.

The vase is made of natural hyacinth and eucalyptus and it can be used as a plant planter. The vase is perfect for an empty room. It will instantly change the atmosphere and it’s not that easy to take apart, store or re-position the vase. However, I think you might find some help and maybe purchase this one. It requires attention and care, some time spent with the vase, placing it in a suitable spot so you don’t make it fall apart. After it has dried you can remove and clean it up.

As a special treat it doesn’t cause any marks and it stays organized. The vase is made from cotton canvas and it’s an inexpensive product. The dimensions of the vase are for a 24?W x 4?D x 24?H. You can reuse the canvas with something else if you would like to change the look of it.

Flower Vase For Living Room Furniture Photo 3

Flower Vase For Living Room Furniture Photo 4