Living room furniture is usually very simple and with no particular detail that can help you change it. It’s important to feel comfortable while decorating your living room. It’s the main goal. Still, sometimes the inspiration for changes comes from your imagination and also from the surroundings. For example some of the designs that have simple designs but beautiful and interesting features. Take a look at this beautiful collection.

The collection includes butler’s pantry, guest room and even some lounge chairs for the beach. The chairs have stylish designs inspired by the sea and by the waves. They are made from materials such as hardwood that usually doesn’t need to be damaged by sea breezes and is easy to take care of.

The pieces from this collection have simple designs and they don’t necessarily have to be nightstands unless you want them to be an addition to your bedroom or whenever you feel like it. This collection is a great starting point. Since the goal is always to create something unique and original, you also have to use your imagination and to use the elements from the natural world.

Floral Upholstered Living Room Chairs Photo 3

All the pieces from this collection are basically modern pieces that come from the beach and they represent elements that can be easily changed. It’s a great inspiration for customization. It’s also not as hard and complicated as it may seem. All you have to do is start by searching for the wood you want to use for the chair legs. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 16? wide x 11? deep x 6? high. It has a simple and traditional design with modern additions, but it’s also just a little more detailing for the base. It’s a very versatile piece that you can use as a base for the table or as a tray for the chairs.When assembled, this driftwood piece can be purchased for $89 Swedish.