Foral living rooms are very common ones in Europe especially those areas where the winters are sometimes less then they should be. However, there are some who prefer to move into a very new country and their house might not be the best choice. You might think that your house is not safe and nobody deserves to be angry about it. Well, if your house is already very safe you might think of buying it instead, without spending too much money.

That’s exactly the case for Francesco Lucchese. And he name his latest creation, thefloral living room furniture set. It is a set of cushions which have a really modern and elegant design. The cushions are foam and very soft, very comfortable both for your feet and for the feet too. The cushions can be covered with many cloths or leather.

There are two sets of cushions. The first one has a high back edge which is more than suitable for outdoor use. The second part has more of a nightstand style. Probably the most important feature of this collection is that it offers you a wide range of storage spaces that fit your house perfectly. The set comes in many colors and finishes and you can expect a high price here. However, you have the freedom to choose the colors that you like or to choose any other color for your interior. Because the set is made of all sorts of comfortable materials and the upholstery that covers it is also made of cotton, this will ensure a high level of comfort for you.