Furniture that can double as a piece of wall art is very popular in modern and contemporary interior and it’s a feature that doesn’t get better then in Amy Hox‘s case. Amy is known for the delicate details on things like collages and knick-knacks that can be a perfect finishing touch for her home office and living room. When not working from home, she works both at home and at her workplace using the Legno Desktop table and the D-box desk. What once used to be a regular desk has been transformed into this modern workspace, like most of us used to imagine before this makeover.

Amy and Adam instantly saw the potential that this desk lacked. Not only they but now they know exactly what they were looking for. They redesigned the desktop and felt the need to have a functional storage piece for all the pencils and pens that usually occupy a lot of space on desk and that don’t really have much storage space. To solve that problem, an open shelf has been installed on the back panel of the desk.

The whole process only took a few minutes when the problem deepened. All the materials had to be put together, the lines and the whole structure had to be properly assembled after which the two sides were redesigned. It was just two and a half hours of the process. It’s one of the reasons why this whole project took so long. For the team that managed it it it was incredibly exhausting.

Floor Pouf In The Living Room By Amy Hox Photo 3

The way the desk looks like, there are many imperfections. The top portion is actually raised, being the only surface the supports and there’s no way you could fit a desk inside without inconveniencing the user. It’s also difficult to fit the legs into the workspace. The designers had a little trouble in this sense, the goal being to create a functional and comfortable desk that people would then use for various other purposes, including for work meetings and parties.

Floor Pouf In The Living Room By Amy Hox Photo 4