Choosing furniture for the bathroom is a very important decision because these pieces will add so much more function to the room, unlike the other options. Also, the bathroom is usually perceived as an intimate, extra room where a couple or even a corporate worker could spend some time. So it tries to be luxurious, but the results are not as robust as expected. However, there are some designers that have found a way to make the bathroom look luxurious.

It’s a modern piece that is named HiCan, more exactly HI-MACS®. This particular piece of furniture is made from intelligent materials that combine height against the high-gloss lacquered wall and also the innovative mirror in the same genre. The designer Benjamin Hubert Architects designed the put inisson bathroom in Keramos, California. The unit is square and very functional. The storage is very functional and the bathroom presented ingenious ladder storage that allows access to the first floor.

Floating Wall Cabinets Living Room For The Bathroom Photo 2

At the top of the unit there is a platform that can be accessed by a very small, almost invisible, door that separates the main unit from an isolated one. The RockwellDesign team succeeded to create a very special bathroom that also gives another dimension of space and thus offers cover to the main elements of the bathroom.