We all have a special place where we could spend the day and enjoy the summer heat. Any way, in the summer we talk about the outdoor spaces, the open fields, the beautiful trees, the wonderful evenings we spend at the pool, the terraces, the barbecue area and the barbecue in general. And one of these outdoor spaces is surely the sitting place for the family. And the best way to do this is during the day and on a beautiful sunny day. For example, this family can now enjoy all these things: peaceful moments in a garden, in the open air can be more than a pleasure.

The house with two wheels by Jolson Architecture is located in Melbourne, Australia and covers a total ground area of 456 square meters. On the outside, the narrow lot looks like is a small tower. And the space inside it looks surprisingly welcoming, with wooden floors that give it a sense of warmth and also give it a light and breezy look.

The interior, meaning the combined uses of the house, is beautifully planned. The kitchen and dining area are all part of the same open space. They share the same floor plan and each is different from the other, but one thing is common: they are all part of the same place and they share a special connection.

Fifth Wheel With Front Living Room And Outdoor Kitchen Photo 3

The minimalist design with light wooden floors and white walls ad a sense of openness. The straight lines and angles of the boards show the designer’s attention for the subtle details. The connection between the indoors and outdoors is also given through the furniture chosen for the décor. Modern and stylishse for this family home.

Fifth Wheel With Front Living Room And Outdoor Kitchen Photo 4