DWC has created a special room for garage owners. It’s called the “Living Room TV Stand” and it’s a very ingenious project. As you can see, it allows you to live behind the TV, now or behind your car. Because of the design of this product, the console has two wheels that allow you to move it around and place it in any position you want, whenever you need that.

If you’re not a big fan of TV stands, then maybe this will be a nice solution. The “Living TV Stand” is a very practical and functional piece that also offers you a storage space of 5 square meters. It has 2 compartments, a sliding one and a glass one. It’s made of tempered glass, high quality epoxy resin and engineered clear satin finish. The concept chosen by David Guerra for the TV stand is very successful. This piece is very elegant and also very functional. All the things you’ll need for this project can be stored somewhere where there’s nowhere else you wouldn’t want to reach.

The TV stand is available in white, brown or black. There are many finishes available, like floral panels, straight sandstone, aluminum profiles or stained glass. suede leather or suede fabric are also available. Let’s take a look at the pictures and see what each one says.You can buy the TV stand for the price of $65.000. It might seem like a very expensive piece to be used, especially if it has large dimensions. But if you have generous budgets you can even turn this into a DIY project.

Fifth Wheel Rv Front Living Room Idea Photo 3