Choosing a Griffin Residence decoration is an important step that’s beautifully related to the actual design and décor of your home. In the case of a living room, it’s usually the furniture that will be colorful, fun, interesting and colorful. If you want to make a room that also serves as a gallery, you need to choose artwork that will be colorful and creative. In this case we have a selection of 9 wall paintings that can be easily mixed with other colored items and pieces of art that are more or less neutral but are just as impressive.

Since the real owners of the apartment are entertainment enthusiasts, in this case we strongly recommend you to make a list of the items they love and this way you’ll also get at least one thing from each side in the room that represents their favorite item. If the walls are all white, the artwork will be small,rical, not real and less impressive.

Add some colorful decorations around the house, maybe in the living room as well. If you want to be original, you can find more inspiration on ourdiypassinhow. Just take a look around and maybe you’ll get some interesting ideas for your living room’s artwork and more interior designing elements.

Feng Shui Paintings For Living Room – A Social Project From Photo-lan Photo 3

This living room has some eye-catching green pieces hanging on the wall, being a strong focal point. The décor is modern and rather simple so there’s not much color here. The painting hanging above it is very beautiful indeed. It’s quite inspiring what you can see in the picture. It resembles a modern painting but with a rough look given by the wood and the metal rings. It’s a subtle interpretation and it’s also bold.

Another simple painting can be seen above this fireplace. It’s a subtle and modern piece with clean lines and a simple design. It can be sued as a single decoration but also in groups of two and even three. It could also look like a mural piece.

Feng Shui Paintings For Living Room – A Social Project From Photo-lan Photo 5

This living room has a much richer and more colorful décor. It features a beautiful artwork with bright and vibrant colors that beautifully complement each other and with elements like vintage chairs, brightly-colored rugs, blue picture frames and pillows. Each room has its own elements that add personality to this place. The color palette is restraint and includes neutral shades of beige, white and several bold colors combined with vintage accents.

As for the interior décor, it’s a very nice combination of vintage and modern. Even though the influences are different, they result in a very balanced décor. The colors used for the interior décor are simple, neutral and neutral. Each room has a different look in terms of furniture and accessories. The overall décor is simple and modern but without pretentious features.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Feng Shui Paintings For Living Room – A Social Project From Photo-lan Photo 8