The living room is a flexible space that should be airy and comfortable as well as beautiful and comfortable to be in. It’s why leather is a very appreciated material. It looks sophisticated and elegant but it also maintains its natural charm. Even the most minimalist living room could definitely use some elegant leather furniture. This, for example, is a very stylish example.

It was a special project developed by someone with an eye for details. This is a collection named “Leaf Couture” and it’s made from a collection of veneered leather. The veneer layer is hand- stitches and sand-colored cotton. It’s a very thick and durable detail that goes really well with minimalist modern interiors. The details are what makes this collection so beautiful and alluring.Inspired in a futuristic sense, the design of this leather sofa is modern and minimalist. The simplicity of the design is one of the most interesting features of this type of furniture. The leather offers opaque edges and has an almost liquid feel that always makes anything look sophisticated. So it’s a very elegant detail that you can use to create focal points in your home. You can buy the Leaf Collection Branched into separate pieces that can be put together to form a coffee table or side table. There are multiple color choices, between white and black, and available in either one or many different types of leather.

Faux Leather Living Room Furniture Photo 3