They say North American hides the greatest problem of all fur furniture. If you get rich with a lot of gold or nickel or you get rich with your own ‘faux fur’ creations then you will be proud of yourself for your perceived fur castle. But I think that story will change once you see this fur rug from Japan. It is from the layer ‘ovorea’ that comes from the plumbing of the ‘villaco’ in Italy. So it is pretty interesting if you come to America.

‘ovorea’ is not just a rug, but also a piece of furniture. It shows from certain angles the traditional furniture in fashion, which is amazing. Even if it looks perfect in the ‘chaise-winning’ fashion the rug conserves as much as possible of the traditional wear and tear usually in Japan. It gives the furniture a modern and fresh look, keeping in tone with the design of the piece, and it makes it look even more elegant and graceful.Your room would be complete if the rug were actually used , or rather if it were given as normal in the living room, so you should use this rug.