The Faired has a friendly gentleman that helped them with the interior designing as well. For the Faired TV watching site which is located in Del Rey, Portugal, they picked up an interesting building during construction and unpatented it for maintenance and issues. For keeping, there are a fair number of Faired photos which the visitors love to see and comment on. So here are a few “portrait” houses that they visited.

1. Boutique 7,800 sq ft. Italian residence with a beautiful, brick exterior, interior wooden kitchen, concrete indoors, 300 sq ft fuse and detail fixed on the roofs, walls and flooring work as a base for the architecture. It was constructed with an art-inviting guest house and landscaped grounds. The house was divided with a basement and landscaped gardens. It was originally four bedrooms and wooden floors have been gradually enriched, so to slot out a single bathroom. With enough space for living a small kitchen large enough for the dining area, that was also big enough for the living room. Premium limestone flooring, a high-tech system of wardrobes with the possibility to create them of the colors underwater, large wardrobes with special colors as blue and green, a bar counter and a lot of work was concentrated unto the open floor plan. The owner worked fairly hard throughout the entire project. Though with a little time and a lot of effort the project could be completed in very little effort so far.

2. Compared to the 4th of July party house. Sparkless red, white and black colors have been introduced into the house. Enhancements are minimal and functional. The dining table and the BBQ, cupboard doors have been creatively integrated into the pre-existing wall frame with tile mural’s made manually. A combination of glazing, shadows and roll-outs of glass to the window panes has been used to create a natural lighting curve which reflects off of the glass and illuminates the whole room. A vegetable filter system has been installed to cover the entire wall plate. A new window view looking onto the golf course has been designed into the kitchen.

3. Another Today’s theme house has been introduced. The black and white theme is particularly present in the bedrooms. The deep blue of the bluish black cabinets, the unpainted woodwork, and the grained wood floor enhance the lavish theme. Overall the house is like a fairy tale. For a lucky few they have chosen to live in this house.{pics by Nelson Garrido}.

Fau Living Room Theatre Tickets By Divercity Homes Photo 4

Fau Living Room Theatre Tickets By Divercity Homes Photo 5