If your living room is lacking colour and you want to change that by opting for an empty ceiling, you have to show your true personality and true expressions of it. For example these false ceilings proposed by Delpha are the perfect colour for an empty room. In fact every room could benefit from such a lovely and unexpected colour. The room is well equipped and looks fantastic on that platform.

The colour is very well chosen and it expresses confidence and trust without creating a predefined colour. The patterns are very colourful and they cast interesting shadows that also have a functional purpose. It is important to have a simple and cozy room because a space like this does not necessarily need lots of furniture and pillows. So despite the fact that it seems like a crowded room, it is rather relaxing and cozy.

False Ceiling Ideas For Living Room By Delpha Photo 2

The natural wood pieces are excellent and the whole room looks very well arranged. The colour is less prevalent than in the other models, but it still gives an amazing atmosphere and it’s effective. The result is fantastic. It is effective for the person who doesn’t want too much color, but rather simple colours that create an amazing décor. It can also be applied to people who don’t use a lot of colour usually. The result is equally impressive and interesting.{found on blrca}