Ever realized that curtains are used for both privacy and style? They are very common and there aren’t exceptions. So assuming they will actually work for your home is not really a joke. You will see them everywhere. In the bedroom you might have curtains that go all over the place. The bed, table, even the sofa and chairs will all find a spot for them. But how about decorating them in a way that makes sense? Here are some ideas of what you can use for these curtains.

The first thing you should know is that curtains need to be opaque. So you can see through them through the light. And it’s not just the bedroom where the curtains should be but also the kitchen, hallway, the shower curtain and all the other features. It’s a way of putting your practical mind to good use. And in order to create the effect you should use the colors that you want. So when you’re looking for colors for bedroom curtains you should just go for pastels, like in the picture, as opposed to to trouble due to bathroom not having colors like pink or coral.

Extra Long Living Room Curtains Photo 2

It’s a good idea to keep the colors to a minimum and to use light colors like white or yellow or blue but also black or blue. Also, if you want to maintain a continuous look even if you go for one wall, the curtains should all be similar in design so they don’t peel over each other.

Extra Long Living Room Curtains Photo 3

Usually, the bedroom curtains go in the window. However, if you want to be able to see them during the day you should go for blinds. It’s usually a bad idea to go for transparent curtains because they can leak paint or cause accidents.

Extra Long Living Room Curtains Photo 4

The bedroom is not usually a place where you can store or display bedside lamps and so they are not usually placed in the center of the room. This means you should consider elevating the bed to almost half of the window area. And if you really want to get that look, choose some lamps that also have an adjustable design and come with built-in shades. Also, you should not use the bedroom curtains during the day.

Extra Long Living Room Curtains Photo 5

The nursery room is not usually a place where you can store toys for kids so that’s why we’ve decided to make a nice and neat play area for it. The area rugs and the window curtains can solve the need of a separate space. And the same thing about this entire area is related to the curtains.

The designer, Thaabele here had the idea to create a bedroom intended for kids but also for adults.The project was developed from the first step of the project. First, the cabinet on which you will use the bedsteadle was cut in two. And then the bedsteadle was designed with “Linger a little girl, little like a little girl with scissors edges.”

Even though you have a modern and simple furniture piece in mind for this project, there will always be a playful aspect. The office supplies are all you need to make a great play with the materials and the supplies are a thousand fold. From pillows, blankets, pillows, from toys to table linens, the possibilities are endless. And if you don’t have a couch to sleep on, a small sofa to make your reading corner more enjoyable and a carpet or floor to ceiling carpet or paint the entire atmosphere with a bold and vibrant color. It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s important. And one thing I do want to do you, involve your children in the process. Make sure they are involved somewhere in the making. Until I start receiving clients lunch I will be star hunting for my favorite clients.