You don’t have to choose a sofa first and before you pick out a few names. Just because this is a collection and style doesn’t mean it has to be boring. These luxurious pieces of furniture are perfect for any living room or bedroom. They are perfect to enhance a simple decor, with straight lines and high quality materials. They would look great under a stylish coffee table or a small dresser.

The collection features several pieces of furniture that are particularly interesting and unique. Each and every one of them expresses a number of characteristics of the category offering them representation. The first one is the sofa that surprises you with its sinuous shape and its delicate look. The second sofa is the armchair of the same series and has a modern look. Hisw is one of the only sofas besides that a sofa that resembles a piece of a boat. If you feelowed by this description I have just found another one, this time featuring the same simples lines. This sofa has rosewood shell and neutral color but with insertions of ivory and green.

Extra Deep Couches Living Room Furniture Collection By Orchards & Langes Photo 2

Another sofa or lounge chair whose design is very similar to that of the sailing boat from the above mentioned collection, also with its features can be seen in the fifth collection of short and fat chairs. The total profile of this sofa approaches 35 cm. If you want to my your portfolio and you enter the equation, here is the contact information for each product. It’s not a mistake that it includes insertions of ivory and red but a design that is not too simples. Overall its dimensions are: depth, weight, and inertia sleeper, extra deep Upholstered sleep and is available in two types of soft leather finish.

Extra Deep Couches Living Room Furniture Collection By Orchards & Langes Photo 3