The living room is a social area where people gather for socialization, meetings, discussions and so on. Being such a space also allows the designers to create some special pieces that are meant to be in the living room and that are meant to be displayed on the living room wall. The Elegant Lamps collection by Formaby are a perfect example of a combination between a living room wall, the furniture pieces from the living room and some pieces that are normally used around the house.

The collection includes table lamps, lamps and hanging lights. So be creative and use whatever you can find around the house. Maybe a shelf is a very interesting idea for display. Make sure you use the pieces that work and don’t clutter the room. After all, it’s all in the details, not the only important thing.

The Tobias candle collection is another beautiful expression of minimalism and elegant and pleasant. The collection is composed of four table lamps, two with lampshades, one with a lamp base, one with a glass shade, three with matching vases, one with a wood base, two with tiled bases and one with a mirrored stem.

Elegant Lamps For Living Room Photo 3

It’s wonderful how many little things can help to enhance the simple and minimalistic style of the living room. A simple piece like a simple candle holder can look beautiful on the wall of a living room, on a low table, or on a side table. A stylish example is this collection that could benefit from a few little touches of green or some other colors and that would really change the atmosphere in a room.

Elegant Lamps For Living Room Photo 5