I don’t know about you guys but all the girls want to have nice stories. That is why most of the time they spend their daily time with their little ones. And if you watch movies watching movies on TV you will certainly remember your childhood and you will remember you playing a boss or having fun with your little sisters. Here is how to decorate a living room with these nice characters. First you should choose a theme and a place where you will spend a lot of time, unless of course you don’t bother reading more about decorating.

Every period of the day is a period of change, of an alteration in a living room. So you should make sure your room is updated with new furniture, so you don’t create a dull room. So bring something from the past and go to “elegant living”, meaning the furniture made of antique stuff bring something from the past, too. You can paint the walls of your house in any colour and have the furniture white or maybe in cream and make the interiors bright and colorful.

Egyptian Living Room Decorating Ideas Photo 2

If you come to this year and have a hard time because you want to bring something from the past, but you still want to DIY this idea, do not forget to purchase some nice Made in The Heart DIY Bedding , made entirely from eucalyptus wood. You can also use these sheets as bedding, which is perfectly in case of a cold season or simply prefer a more open design in your living room.

If you want to shop around a bit and remember where to buy some useful things from the stores like metal book binding magnets or wall leaning boxes will save you the whole shopping trip. Besides, recycling them will still be fun!