Styles and trends change the way we look at time, with new and ingenious designs and with natural surroundings but the usual buffets and cons are never a problem for us. We always like to experiment. These days we’re facing a fresh look different from the old days when our homes look exactly as it is. It took a while to transform this flat into a livable and inviting family home but it was worth the effort.

One of the options you might be interested in is the 30 Square Foot Wooden House. It’s situated in Toronto, Canada and it has a very interesting design. The reason why the owner chose this wooden structure was because he wanted to make the most of the location and most of the views without obstructions. This way the main focus becomes very clear and the views are always framed and admired.

This project was his response to a simple request from a client: a house with a minimalist, white exterior and a large interior courtyard. The architects came up with a build that perfectly frames the views as well as the whole house, the courtyard being symbolic and in tone with what the clients wanted. The house has a large arrival area on the ground floor and intimate transitional spaces on the upper floor where the social areas are organized. By creating a large garage on the top level, the house also gives the entrance an extra storage space. The upper floor also has a mezzanine with a skylight.

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