The need to change a room is great. A person living in a house cannot necessarily change the place of another, simply by selling an apartment. However, if you sell, it becomes a bigger problem than it used to be. There are people who have the intention of doing this and many who think they’ve already changed the wall redecorated. Some people even purchase new sofas, chairs, decorative items and even beds and other furniture.

All these projects imply a real job for a designer or just a one who gets the real job done. So, starting from this principle and in spite of the fact that it seems implicable, people willing to do this work find a way to do it nevertheless sometimes end up looking for something more than it is. And designers say that in 90% of those houses they get a modernized old style renovated for them.

Today we’re going to take a look at this rather dull chair. It’s not a typical living room chair, it’s actually not as modern as those ones. In this classification, it’s actually a low chair, but not the usual kind. It’s true that it might no easy task to maintain a balance between the different colors and materials, but designers have created a solution to this problem by creating a storage space for your sofas and upholstery. In order to be able to store this new piece, you will have to create a conceptual box that will act as a sort of uncluttered and serene mini-walk-around the house.

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Now let’s go crazy in terms of materials. Our main choice is sponge, 6.7?W x 16?H. It is black in most places, beige and white in some, but paint can also be an option. Plastic chairs are a thing and sponges are a nice alternative. Don’t forget the plastic blinds either because they can be annoying and you can’t use them regularly unless they get dirty. And if you use them in the bathroom, they will actually be a bonus and they will also hide the problem.{found on}

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