The Swedish architects alneskier dnD can really bring out the cozy and inviting living room, kitchen and dining area of your home. This is a modern and minimalist space with big windows that let in natural light and with an indoor pool. The light circulates freely and it’s an essential for both the living room and the poolside terrace. On a terrace, you can relax on the sofa and have fun in the evenings.

The living area has brightly-pitched electric shades and bright furniture with subtle but still striking light fixtures, an open space complemented by the natural elements.

Dunmore Cream For Living Room, Kitchen And Dining Area Photo 3

The polished floors are filled with beautiful stones and the walls have a very organic texture, with many, uneven veins.

Dunmore Cream For Living Room, Kitchen And Dining Area Photo 1

In the night the illuminated pool creates very romantic and comfortable mood lighting the space. It covers the surrounding surfaces and it’s great for both relaxation and entertaining.

The pool is enclosed by vertical stainless steel panels matching the house with great style and elegance. The beauty of the poolside decks is emphasized by the elegant furniture and accessories.

The main living area is formed of a double ceiling structure and huge windows that bring natural light into the room. The interior décor is minimalist, only including the huge window wall.

You can choose to form a set of chairs around the pool or you can improvise. You can alternate colors and shapes and create a symmetrical and harmonious composition.

In the case of the living room, simplicity can be an important theme. In the case of the dining area, that means less furniture, two big but small armchairs work as armchairs, a small table and two green chairs.

The color palette for the chalet is neutral and simple. The wooden beams are highlighting the walls and the whole décor is simple and very pleasant to the eye.

A similar design but featuring a symmetrical array of colors. White and oak furniture is complemented by colorful and bold details and accessories.

Add a coordinating color or accessory curtain and hang them in front of the fireplace. Orange, blue and yellow are also great colors for such a décor.

The large windows let in abundant natural light and the atmosphere becomes breezy and airy and invites visitors in, feeling welcomed and comfortable.

ouflaged wall decorations can be seen at the entrance. It’s a fun way of personalizing the décor.

A fireplace is the perfect accessory for the chalet but can also be included in modern and contemporary living rooms. Complement it with an oversized pendant lamp, a vintage sofa or an eye-catching sofa, integrating simple but eye-catching elements in its design.

Keep things simple and maintain a fresh and airy décor throughout. Stay away from particularly dramatic elements.

Choose various techniques of balance throughout. For example, add a vintage armchair on one side of the room, a chic pendant lamp on the other. These are just suggestions. The armchairs need to be selected according to the color palette of the room and the rest of the décor’s chromatic palette.

If a formal living room is everything you have in mind, then perhaps a coffee table and a pair of large windows and a mirror should do the trick. It’s a nice way of maintaining a light and airy ambiance in the room.