It is not always easy to have a large family, but in this case it is possible. And, even though having a big house sometimes you can’t think of a better alternative than having a double bed, especially if it’s the case, sometimes you need a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture that will always be useful. For those who can think of it, this is a very beautiful and practical example of saving space. Apart from the double bed you can also use for sofa-bed, dining table or desk. These days it’s not always that you realize the space is limited, so here’s an idea: create a cozy and beautiful double bed.

There are several options here. You can either create a room with two beds or you can put separators between the rooms and maybe even combine the two beds in order to get more space and comfort. These examples may give you some ideas about how to decorate a room with two beds with different functions. After all, the purpose of the space shouldn’t be ignored, even though in a designed that is mostly decorative.

These two children share the same room and yet there are differences of style. For example the girls want something more colorful in their rooms and while the two prefer white, they will definitely love to decorate their room with fun and colorful pieces. In my opinion there’s a responsible and productive way of decorating a room with colorful pieces of furniture such as bedding and carpets, but not this particular room. This way the fun addition will get destroyed and will get neglected.

In fact, this room has already been redecorated on a slightly different point. Now the colors of innovation aren’t 100% cotton-solid. That’s another thing, because the “creativity and innovation” theme is imposed. This room needs to be as colorful and fun as possible and this is how, to change the whole dynamic of the room, the colorful ideas you create should not be perceived as being appropriate only for one particular room, in the contrary, they should be taken everywhere and have an influence on the others.

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