Thinking of ways to add color or texture to your pristine apartment, there are so many versatile and fantastic living room decors that name your ideal color. From vintage brass and retro inspired to sparkling metallics and minimalistic, there’s a color for everyone. Today we feature shower ideas from Enei Tahara – one color that can transport you into a soothing sea of color. Let’s start with a clean white room, shall we? This minimalistic white interior features a shower panel that rises from a simple white stand, white trim and white flowers. In contrast to the white, a black accent wall is visible through the windows and complements the space with edgy patterns and a pop of turquoise. The chevron pattern of the circular sink and floating countertop is a fun departure from the usual monochromatic showering ideas. Check out these contemporary bathroom ideas if you are interested in adding a touch of color –

White bathrooms are especially hard to decorate, so today we decided to illuminate your space with a collection of best design inspiration photos to make your senses refract in color. Whether you show them off in the form of pottery on your vanity or in your shelving on your walls, they will undoubtedly become the focal point of your space. And if you don’t need lots of punch, you can always add more with a great metallic design, like the one above.

A calming blue living room is easily brought into focus with the clever use of color above. Plush decor from the 1920s is fascinating and the high ceiling, glass walls and modern light fixtures that fit in with the color palette create a perfect design solution for any modern space.

Even a tiny, modern bathroom can be transformed by adding unique accessories. Reminiscent of a beaming pastel, this Mini Chairs from Leopold is from Schoyl Studio, and it’s a great vintage piece that would fit perfectly into a powder room, laundry room or even a home office. For more modern selections, contact Dutch designer Kitzbühler.

Drake And Josh Living Room Designs By Enei Tahara 2009 Photo 4

Vintage accessories are the perfect way to bring a retro vibe into your home.ipper favorite is this Slope Floor Lamp, designed in the 1870s by Swedish designer Lilla Jansson. Back then the small floor lamp looks like a block of painted wood with hundreds of tiny little hands placed on different heights. Ideal for a nursery, living room or bedroom, Jansson’s lamp is a perfect addition for a space where creativity finds use everywhere. Don’t you just love it here?

Modern style isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it is just different. But in some cases, we all have limited space and have wanted to own more than just a floor lamp. The designers had an interesting challenge though. They were asked to find ways to turn that lamp into a functional and simple decor item that also adds color and style to a room. The challenge was challenging but the result was quite inspiring. This is the type of lamp that you would include in any room that has a south center floor plan or an east center and is wonderful for small bedrooms.

This particular design incorporates an inner column that plugs into an outside stretch that acts as a drive through into the north. To add more personality to the lamp, the lamp has a funky and colorful design with a geometric motifs on the exterior that has been added to give it more character. Its metal body is available in chrome, brushed chrome, gold and matte black. The interior of the lamp is covered in felt and that keeps it weather-resistant. The versatility of this light allows it be used both indoors and outdoors. A perfect choice for any room if the lamp is used as an art project.